I am very excited to say that this page exists! It’s under construction, but I have a vision so check back regularly for travel updates, both on my trips and where I think you should go!

First time traveler? So was I! If you are preparing and aren’t sure where to start, check out my pre-South East Asia travel updates.

What’s on the agenda for the Travel Years and myself in 2015?

 In January, February and March four friends and I embarked on a South East Asia backpacking trip, exploring Vietnam and Indonesia in depth, while passing through Singapore, Malaysia and China on our path. Check out my Travel Logs for Vietnam and Indonesia to learn more about our route and adventures.

Since 2013, Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada has been a favorite destination.  I was not able to return in 2014, I will MOST DEFINITELY be heading back in 2015. September 2015 will be a month of road tripping, harvest season, seafood and the beautiful ocean.

And generally a ton of within Canada. It’s a huge, beautiful country out there and I want to see as much of it as I possibly can!

So lots to look forward to in 2015, friends! Come along with as I explore within Canada, and outside it.


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