Well, reality has finally caught up to me here at the Travel Years. While I spend much of my spare time looking up flight prices – comparing, rejecting, considering; daydreaming and thinking about the future – where we could go, what we could do, how much will be need to budget – the reality is that the job market is smacking me square in the face. As a result, I have no immediate travel plans for the first time in a year. At least it’s summer! But no job means no travel, and Vancouver was the last ticket for a while. But that doesn’t mean adventure has to stop!

So I hope you’re all ready for some within-Canada travel, because that’s where this blogger is going to be focusing her attention for the next little while. I am thrilled, as Canada is such a large country. Even Ontario alone is a large mass of land, with more parks, trails, towns, and sights to see than could be accomplished in a single summer. This weekend we head to Manitoulin Island – the largest fresh water lake island in the world, and popular summer tourist destination for hiking, boating, and eating!

Hiking the alvars of Misery Bay.

Hiking the alvars of Misery Bay.

But back to the job market…. what a tough nut to crack. Already, I have lost count of the number of cover letter/resume combos I have put together, sent out, and failed to receive a response from. Refusing to be discouraged I have been pursuing freelance work, including web design, photography, and writing. Check out my personal portfolio here, and see what I’ve been up to.

Business cards are in!

Business cards are in!

Besides a complete lack of capital, one of the reasons keeping me grounded at home is the upcoming education season. For anyone not familiar with the North American education system, most schooling starts every year in September. Specifically after the first ‘long weekend’ of the month. Although I completed an undergraduate degree two years ago, I am a glutton for punishment and heading back for more. It’s official, I have been offered and accepted my place at Laurentian University in Sudbury, to study Science Communications for 10-months!

But it all starts with a job – and preferably one I don’t hate. A way to make it through the next year, and start saving for the beaches of the world. The breathtaking views, the endless coast lines, and limitless and questionable street food stalls. Work is the ticket to it all, so I’m hitting the pavement. Serving jobs, general labor, website design – anything to pay the bills and start plumping the trip fund. That doesn’t mean I’m not handing out resumes, or thinking about a future internship placement as a student. I always did enjoy school, but I have learned that I enjoy traveling more.

The ultimate goal? A RTW (round-the-world) trip. 

So many obstacles lie in between: the realities of planning a RTW trip, the day dreamy-ness of it all. The probably horror and disbelief of my mother when she finds out what I’m planning, and that I’m serious about it all. Paying for the whole shebang. Somehow making a reality out of all of these dreams.

Image courtesy of the Evans Hotel.

Image courtesy of the Evans Hotel.


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