On Monday night, the trip became that much more real. My travel companions and I sat down, found a flight to Hanoi, and booked three one-way tickets!

One Way to Hanoi

I won’t lie, I was feeling pretty nervous at the time. I have since gotten over that, waking up to this (v v v) this morning! It looks like Ontario winter is setting in early again this year. I can hear a snow blower outside of my window as I write.

With flights booked, time is hopefully going to fly and we can leave all of this snow behind.

DSC_0066 (2)

It’s time to send away for a Vietnamese travel Visa and contact the health clinic to see if I need anything special for travel. There is also health and travel insurance to consider. So many things to think about that I had no idea about before deciding to travel!

Since the snow is here, it’s alright to say that Christmas is coming! Which means doing a little shopping for the few things that I will need on the road. Mainly, a pack. Keep your eyes open for a post – I am going to start to stress/think about what to pack in the near future!


4 thoughts on “2.5 months until Departure: Flights are BOOKED! And the snow is here.

    • We did this is in the wrong order, but just found out we are going to be in Vietnam during Tet! Looking forward to hopefully being able to sample some holiday time Vietnamese cuisine.


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