Preserved Lemon Hummus

I wanted to re-blog this post on Year 24 for a number of reasons:

1 – It made my mouth water! I want this hummus.
2 – Beautiful photography paired with a good story.
3 – Clear, easy to follow recipe.

I also want to get into the habit of blogging about food, whether or not I am traveling! Travel, diving, photography, FOOD….

Thank you for sharing Kaela!

preserved-lemon-hummusStrange but true: I ate some of the best hummus in Brazil. Smack-dab in the middle of the Amazon jungle, to be exact, about 1000 miles from nowhere, otherwise known as Manaus. While I and my intrepid band of World Cup travelers endured a purgatorial stay at the Hotel Brasil (an establishment that made you wonder what heinous crime you committed in a previous life to get yourself stuck there) in advance of the second US match, we spent a lot of time in the one moderately bright spot of the hotel: the outdoor café.

Run by a proprietor we affectionately dubbed Angry Syrian Man – he of the flowing peach-hued linen blouses and foul-smelling cigarettes, chain-smoked each day from dawn to the wee hours – the tiny 4-by-4 lunch counter boasted a large sidewalk seating area, a scratchy corner TV showing soccer round the clock, and…

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