I am re-blogging this post because the second paragraph hits the nail so exactly on the head – I think about a lot of this “stupid stuff” when thinking about leaving for SE Asia in January! What to do with money and how to access it, navigating transportation, and getting through the airport without major incident. Although I am still in the planning stage of our backpacking trip, these are the things I think about. This blog is cool because the author started the journey before departure, so we get the full spectrum of the travel experience. Awesome! 🙂

road to nowhere

imageIt was hard. To take that first step. To actually say goodbye to the ones I love the most. To walk through that door knowing that from here on out I’m on my own. That I’m going to have to take care of myself. That I’m going to be the only one I can rely on.

And it’s all the stupid stuff that I’m worried about. Like how will I know where to go. What bus to catch. How to access my money. How to manage it. Where I will sleep. Where will I eat. Will I make friends. How will I tell the good from the bad. How will I do all this on my own. But most of all, am i too young and stupid to be doing this?
I hope not. Because I’m here now, half way to the start of my adventure. And I’m so excited…

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