What have I been reading to prepare for Vietnam and Indonesia? A lot of blogs.

Non-fiction. But mostly blogs. They have quickly become the best way I know to do research for our upcoming backpacking trip to South East Asia! I alluded to this in an earlier post, when I uploaded a couple of images of my current book stacks and discussed the void formal education has left in my life. As I said, I miss learning and school.

To remedy this, I have been soaking up books – natural histories, biographies, narratives, a variety of magazines, a number of outdoor guides and my PADI training manual. I will also confess to having a number of fiction and fantasy series “on the go”, but they are all currently on the back burner. But the form of media I have been really focusing on and devouring? BLOGS!

Since deciding to plan a trip in April of 2014, I have become more aware of the art that is blogging, and the online community blogging community that exists to support it.

All of these sites I have found myself returning to again and again. I have laughed, gasped and cried because of some of the things I have read on these blogs. Many have inspired me to believe that an alternative lifestyle centered on travel and adventure is not only highly desirable, but entirely possible.

Without further ado, here are some of the fantastic blogs I have been keeping up with since starting to consider international travel from a backpack. Some are directly related to the South East Asia trip planning, although the vast majority are not!

Please comment below with some of your favorite blogs and links – I want to know what you’re reading. Thanks!

Some snapshots of 2015 travel planning, including Vietnam, Indonesia and a Central America trip

Legal Nomads – check out this amazing post about Vietnamese street food by Jodi Ettenberg, a foodie traveler diagnosed with celiac disease. Complete with vibrant photos and a list of destinations to checkout. Then check out the rest of her informative and beautifully laid out site.

Nomadic Matt – I found Matt’s website when I first started doing some SEA trip research, and have kept coming back because he offers advice about a wide range of destinations. Ideal for beginner backpackers on budgets!

All Indonesia Travel Guide – as the name implies, this blog focuses exclusively on the wonders that Indonesia has to offer and is my first stop when thinking about the time we are going to spend there

The Panama Adventure – I stumbled upon Kris’ blog, and it immediately made me 1) want to visit Panama and 2) see more of her amazing volcano photography. Follow as they live and travel in Central America.

Sites that inspire you to get out there and dive…

Pink Tank Scuba – this blog tells the story of a diving obsessed, cancer survivor complete with an inspirational story and amazing photographs. She is also the first person to ever like my blog! J

Scuba Diver Life – tons of interesting and informative videos and blog posts concerning scuba diving today, the state of the oceans and other interesting diving facts. Very cool video below, which was originally re-posted by Scuba Diver Life before it came to me

Dive Zone – another diving blog, with more posts about popular diving destinations and sites. The draw for me is the steadily updating international diving job board hosted by the website.

Having a lifestyle built around travel is possible…

Alex in Wanderland – Alex’s blog was the first blog that made me truly believe a lifestyle built on travel, writing, diving and photography might actually be possible with enough determination and hard work. If that alone isn’t reason enough to check out her site, she covers a wide range of destinations with refreshingly honest and clear opinions about all of them.

Around the World in 80 Jobs – I have been asking myself how I can have a lifestyle that supports both travel and work, and Turner Barr’s website really helps answer that question. Anything from teaching English in China, WOOFing or volunteering with rescue dogs in Thailand.

Be My Travel Muse – lots of tips for me about writing, blogging and freelancing as well as a wide range of travel tips and resources

Globe Trotter Girls – plenty of inspiration and advice to be found here from Dani about a wide span of global destinations and activities. Her blog introduced me to the idea that you can pet/house sit in exchange for complimentary board around the world! With proper references and set up of course.

Amazing photography, with a little something special…

Through Open Lens – Besides the beautiful photographs, I like following this blogger because I learn from it. The artist posts their shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings which I am learning to manipulate better on my own camera.

Jim’s Pic of the Day – eye-catching photography and some amazing macro shots which I am trying to get better at. Inspiration!

Markovich Universe – beautiful images, that you can also purchase in postcard format! I am fascinated by Russia and enjoy looking at this blog on the daily.

Three more blogs you should be checking out…

Hannah Brencher – this a link to a humorous reading list on Hannah’s website with fantastic titles on it! I have found myself referring back to it a number of times, marking down a few of the books on it for reading at a later time

Hike Bike Travel – online travel blog/magazine with the lens focused on North America. Stunning photography, regularly updated and a talented author who gives the site a personal touch.

Parks Blogger Ontario – a magazine style travel blog that acts as a one-stop resource for hikers, campers, paddlers and other outdoors enthusiasts in Ontario. Contributions are made by a wide variety of writers.

As I said, please comment below and share your favorite links! I am new to the blogging community so I have lots of catching up to do.


4 thoughts on “What have I been reading to prepare for Vietnam and Indonesia? A lot of blogs.

  1. Thank you for posting this collection of links! I’d like to improve my photography skills too – I think I am not too bad at composing a picture but I always neglect the technical aspects – so I had a look at Through Open Lens. It is really great for improving photography skills!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem! Glad you could find something useful in the links. I am in the same boat as you – photo composition is fine but now I really need to start manipulating ISO, shutter speeds etc for more improvement.


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