The next year

This year I turned 24. And from what other people tell me, these years are going to be some of the best of my life. So for the next year, I have decided to push myself to make the most it. While I am sure this year will entail lots of adventures not anticipated, I have already gotten started. This blog is meant to 1) serve as a record or journal of the next year, and 2) be a method of communication to my family and friends.

To start off I am planning my first overseas trip ever! To Southeast Asia. As I have mentioned before, I am beyond excited about this trip and have been channeling everything I have into getting ready for it. I will skip the details for now since nothing is set in stone just yet, but know that I will be living out of a backpack and lying on a beach somewhere for sometime. This is something I have wanted to do for a couple of years. The opportunity to travel with some great friends presented itself, so I leaped at it. I am aware that I may be opening the proverbial ‘Pandora’s Box’ here, and am OK with it.

Second, I have returned to the long-shelved hobby of scuba diving. I have the PADI Open Water certification for about 10 years now, but have not done any diving with it. This summer I decided to stop procrastinating and take the plunge. For 45 minutes this morning, Lake Ramsey in Sudbury, Ontario gained two new life forms – decked in 7mm black neoprene and blowing relentless bubbles.. What a thrill – there is nothing quite like turning over on your back and looking up at the sky from under the water! Something that is so dark and mysterious all of a sudden becomes accessible. The weeds are no longer scary, but beautiful because I can see them in the sunlight. I have a feeling I am going to be consistently waterlogged for the rest of this summer (and happy about it!).

Third, I have decided to try something new – freelance writing. While I have always enjoyed reading and writing for pleasure, I had not previously considered writing as a career choice. Thanks to some helpful prodding – Mom – I am now and plan on developing that side of my repertoire. I have been wracking my head thinking of different jobs that allow you to travel at the same time, and this definitely fits the bill. Travel writer/blogger? I think it has a nice ring to it.

So all in all, I have a busy year planned ahead of me. Stay tuned friends and family, for my adventured filled year of travel, diving, photography and a writing experiment! And who knows what else 🙂


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